EDC 2017 Orlando, Florida!

Something I can finally check off my bucket list! For those of you that do not know, EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) is a EDM festival (one of the biggest). I’ve been wanting to go to a EDM festival for years now but specifically EDC.


I only took a few photos on this trip because due to time restrictions (basically poor time management on my part xD)


Everything was just how I hoped it would but aside from a few downers which I will talk about in a sec! The bass would hit so hard your whole body would shake! The artist that played were sooooo much better live than any of their songs on Spotify!


Ugh, I wish I would have taken more photos! Oh well, that will be plenty of more festivals next year πŸ™‚

The people were so nice and respectful (besides the typical select few). I wanted their to be more rides than there was… only about 3 and the lines were so long so me and my duo (you’ll find out later about my duo later :))decided NOT to wait in line for hours.

Unfortunately, our decision not to ride any rides ended up resulting in my duo’s phone getting stolen.. the select few, right? Well, this was the second night we were there and we went to the police and they told us, “Yeah, we arrested this guy the night prior for stealing phones and we guess he is back.” If you ask me, they shouldn’t have let this guy enter the festival the second night if they arrested the guy… we looked around for about an hour for the guy that stole it but no luck so we decided to have fun for the remainder of the time we had!


After EDC, we had one more day to do whatever we wanted. So we went to Universal City Walk and Disney Springs (formally known as Downtown Disney). We didn’t do much other than look around and take in the scenery! At Universal, we went inside the chocolate emporium and of course, all we ordered was dessert!


And you can’t go to Disney Springs without eating at Planet Hollywood (again, no photo) but we stayed there until about 12:30am and they close at 12am so I’m sure they were cussing at us under their breathes πŸ˜€

Next morning, we woke up and flew back! Left out a lot of the airplane adventures but that would make this waaaaaaay too long of a post, and I don’t like writing extremely long posts! So until next time people πŸ™‚

If you want to see more pictures of my EDC trip, follow me on Instagram!




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  1. Oh no! I would be so mad if my phone was stolen on such a great night! Glad you guys still had a great time though. You brought back my memories of my EDC experience, I attended EDC LV last year and was just amazed. I even got separated from my group and still had a great time.

    xo Claudia

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