Garden of the Gods

Catchy name right? Not only is it a catchy name, but Garden of the Gods definitely lives up to the name! If you don’t know, Garden of the Gods is kind of an open landscape in Colorado Springs, Colorado.


*Side note* JBE is my photography company, and the all photos are my photos!

I just moved to Colorado Springs about 2 month’s ago, and this is the VERY first place I visited. It’s one of the main attractions for Colorado Springs. I hiked for HOURS and barely even scratched the surface of the place.

The Family-0471The Family-0518



There are so many trails and places to bike, hike, etc… I drove the height of one of the mountains in the pictures and if it want’s for it getting dark, I would have drove to the tip top!

Hiking up though, you will come across signs that say “Stay on the path” or something along those lines. But what I say about that is, the best views are in the places where you aren’t suppose to go! OFF THE BEATEN PATH! Nothing is wrong with this, if you have the correct gear (aka shoes to do this), and I did not! But I still ventured and was in awe of the places I found.

Short :45 video I made of Garden of the Gods! Give it a watch 🙂



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