The Gorgeous Island of Maui

Coming in as a new traveling blogger, I visited the island of Maui, in Hawaii! The views are nothing but breathtaking.. After driving on curvy roads on the edge of the island what felt like a good few hours in the deeps of Maui, I finally arrived at where I was staying. I stayed in a hut off the edge of a cliff that overlooked the ocean. If I was a sleepwalker, I could have killed myself because the hut was maybe a few feet from the edge of the cliff.

IMG_0009 2



You maybe be asking yourself, “So where do you go to the bathroom and shower?” Everything was a good walk away from the hut! The showers and the toilets were “open” if you catch my drift!




If you followed a trail next to my hut for a mile, you would run into a random cleared area with a, what I can only guess to be a church. The locals in this area were very friendly and wanted to show me around to different parts of their “village”.

Some websites I would recommend for traveling is: or . Justfly is my go to website when I’m wanting to travel. I always get the best deals on flights.

As for hotels, I would check out . I never pay the full price of a hotel when I go through them!

Everything was so beautiful and picturesque. No photo could compare to what I was witnessing. I will definitely be going back to Hawaii but to adventure to different islands in search of a place as/more gorgeous!

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    • Before I arrived there, I had NO IDEA that our “hut” was gonna be that close to the edge nor did I know that I was gonna be showering outside! But, like most things, just had to roll with it and make an experience out of it!

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